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Hermione D

Hermione D, Doaitsen X Rypke, is a full sister of Approved Stallion Sake 449 and half sister of first premie ster mare, Yseult D,  from our Ster and Preferent mare Teuntsje fan Snakkerstate.   She was awarded a second premie and was Reserve Champion of the Fillies at the 2010 Texas keuring with the judges remarking on her beauty.  Now, as a 6 year old, she is tall and elegant with a long neck, long dry legs, and much suppleness and balance in her movement.   Hermione was also awarded 2nd premie star and was Reserve Champion of the mares at the 2015 TX keuring and has been in full time dressage training for one year, schooling 1st level. The quality of this mother line has been proven both in breeding and in sport, and  Hermione will be a great addition to our breeding program! 



Hermione in the middle after a nice trail ride!

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