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Ygraine D

Ygraine D, born in 2007, is the daughter of the very first Friesian foal born on our farm, our beloved Guinevere. Sadly, Ygraine was orphaned at 2 months old when Guinevere died as the result of a mystery illness in our area. Ygraine's next few months were a struggle, but when she went to her keuring at almost 8 months old, she blossomed, earning a first premie ribbon and the reserve championship of the fillies that year! Three years later, at her 2010 keuring, she was awarded star with a second premie and stood in the third position of the mare class just behind Yseult. For the last several years, Ygraine has been my own pleasure horse, and since December of 2015, she has been in dressage training. We are especially proud of Ygraine and and can't wait to see her in the dressage ring and, at some point, the breeding barn!




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