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Our Friesian Mares

We imported our first foundation broodmares, Tyalda fan Ychten and Teuntsje fan Snakkerstate from Holland in 2005-2006.  Amazingly enough, both of these full papered mares became preferent just a few short years later, and Teuntsje even became the mother of an approved stallion!   All of our younger mares are our own breedings from these great foundation mares, and we are confident they will follow in their mothers' footsteps!


Tyalda fan Ychten--Ster+Preferent

Tyalda fan Ychten, Teunis X Oege, 19 year old full-papered star mare, MP-MPPrest-SP

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Teuntsje fan Snakkerstate--Ster+Preferent

Teuntsje fan Snakkerstate--Ster+Pref7, Rypke X Gaije, 19 year old full-papered star preferent Friesian mare, S-SP8-S

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Tanwen D. Crown Mare!

Tanwen D, Folkert X Teunis, SP*5-MP*7-MPPrest*11-SP*7

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Yseult D--1st Premie Ster

Yseult D., 1st Premie Ster, Reserve Champion, Harmen 424 x Rypke 321, born April 27, 2007. SP*7-S-SP*8-S 

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Ygraine D

Ygraine D, Ster, Beart X Wander,  S-stb-SP5-S

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Hermione D

Hermione D, Doaitsen X Rypke, SP7-S-SP8-S, born March 29, 2010, 2nd premie  Reserve Champion Filly, TX keuring 2010.

2nd premie star and Reserve Champion of the Mares, TX keuring 2015. More information...

Jocelyn D--Star mare

Jocelyn D, Doaitsen X Teunis, SP*5-MP*7-MPPrest*11-SP*7, born March 7, 2011

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FHANA - Friesian Horse Association of North America