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Gryphon D

Gryphon is a 6 year old full papered gelding born April 1, 2010. His papers are spectacular...SP4+MP7+MPPrest11+SP7, and his great grandmother is the mother of two approved stallions: Tsjerk 328 Preferent and Djurre 284!  Like his half brother, Galahad, Gryphon was an embryo transfer foal!  Gryphon has long, modern lines with long forelegs and a long, graceful, upright neck.   He has very correct conformation.  In the trot, he moves with great elegance and supension, with a long, ground-covering, floating stride.   His walk is roomy and active. Gryphon was the winner of the 2015 Iron Spring Farm IBOP Dressage Cup for the highest ridden IBOP score in all of North America, and is currently in full time dressage training schooling 3rd level.

We would like to see Gryphon go to someone seriously interested in continuing to show and develop his talent as a dressage horse.

Please call or email for more pictures and details about this super high quality dressage gelding!






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