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Currently For Sale

We offer  top quality young horses from our own breeding program as well as trained and green adults ready to start specialized training in the discipline of your choice.  All of our own offspring are imprinted at birth and handled daily.  They are friendly and a pleasure to be around!  We also occasionally offer quality horses for sale from other breeders/trainers.  Check back frequently to see what's new.  And if you don't see what you're looking for here, please don't hesitate to contact us with the details of your own personal dream Friesian, and we can assist you with your search! 


Juweel D

Special Update!!! Juweel D just awarded Star at the Texas keuring on September 30, 2017!!!  New photos coming soon!

Asking price: $30,000

Studbook #201101892

More information...

Morrigan D (Video coming soon!)

Asking price: $18,000

Studbook #201201984

Sire: Doaitsen 420

Dam: Tanwen D (Folkert 353) More information...

Nimue D (More photos and video soon!)

Asking price: $18,000

Studbook # 201201983

Sire: Haitse 425

Dam: Tyalda fan Ychten (Teunis 332) More information...

Gryphon D

Asking price: Please inquire

Studbook number: 201001180

Sire: Doaitsen 420

Dam: Tyalda fan Ychten (Teunis 332) S+P

More information...

Galahad D-SOLD!!!

Asking price: $13,500.00

Studbook number: 201000109

Sire: Onne 376

Dam: Tyalda fan Ychten (Teunis 332) S+P

More information...

Betsy T-SOLD!!!

Asking price: Please contact for details on this special mare!

Studbook number: 199214340

Sire: Jildert 299

Dam: Wendi (Dagho 247) SP5

More information...

Traveller D-SOLD!!

Asking Price: 10,000.00
Studbook Number: 200603892
Sire: Rindert 406
Dam: Teuntsje fan Snakkerstate (Rypke) S+P


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FHANA - Friesian Horse Association of North America