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Expand Your Breeding Choices with Frozen Semen from Holland

Every year, we go through the process of choosing the best stallions for breeding our mares.  One of the cornerstones of our breeding program is frozen semen from some of the top stallions in Holland.  If you want to expand your choices for your mares, then frozen semen may be something for you to consider too.

Before making your decision to purchase and try frozen semen, it is important to know all the pros and cons since it is rather different from using fresh semen from stallions standing in the US.  Stallion availability varies from year to year, and costs fluctuate with the value of the euro and costs of shipping and proper permits.  Please contact us directly by phone or email to discuss estimated costs and whether frozen semen might be right for you and your breeding program.

Stallions typically available are:

Onne 376

Beart 411

Haitse 425

Jerke 434

Tsjalke 397

Alwin 469

Epke 474

Hessel 480

This a small sample of stallions with frozen semen available. Please call or email for availability of other stallions.

FHANA - Friesian Horse Association of North America